Gay men’s reports of monogamy and non-monogamy: change, flexibility and stress

Gay men’s reports of monogamy and non-monogamy: change, flexibility and stress

While some gay guy idealise monogamy, specifically in early steps of a relationship, partners usually be non-monogamous over time, Australian experts submit in a write-up posted online in front of printing in traditions, health insurance and Sexuality.

Males usually learn non-monogamy as sensible in gay dating, as a result public and social norms in homosexual towns. But moving the bottom principles of interaction just might be demanding for a few couples, particularly when the lovers had different values about monogamy and non-monogamy.

Because of it qualitative learn, Steven Philpot and fellow workers carried out detailed interview with sugar baby profile colorado 61 Australian gay boys. The interviews explained factors of intimacy, relations and monogamy with men who had been either solitary or perhaps in several during the time of an interview.



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Qualitative scientific studies are always check out and discover people’s opinions, reviews, conduct or habits. It asks questions about exactly how and just why. Qualitative study might inquire about the reason why anyone battle to utilize HIV deterrence practices. It mightn’t inquire just how many group employ them or collect records as quantities. Qualitative analysis systems feature interviews, focus your attention teams and participant observance.

HIV is normally sent within committed relations, thus a better knowledge of union characteristics is essential for HIV deterrence.


A lot of men, particularly more youthful boys, implicitly envisaged monogamy are the foundation for lasting associations. These people felt it created consistency, security, intimacy and confidence. It absolutely was viewed representing a ethical life style than non-monogamy and promiscuity.

“We never reviewed becoming entirely unique: it actually was just certain we would simply view one another.” (solitary, 21 age).

“Even though I’m gay I nonetheless believe in the whole of the dependable kids thing. Hence, I Really Do want a husband and children.” (Coupled, 22 a very long time).

Even so, males did not fundamentally believe that monogamy would survive. It might be thought of as essential at the start of a connection:

“i believe it is crucial that you has monogamy a minimum of the most important 3 years of any partnership mainly because it renders mental associations and a spiritual association. And also, since in the 1st three years of one’s union, that is completely new while don’t need to rip that outside and now have that pressure put on the relationship.” (one, 29 a very long time).

A lot of men envisaged interaction to cross over to non-monogamy over the years. While others people described this by dealing with the ready accessibility to gender on the gay arena, other folks gave biological explanations:

“If you’ve grabbed two hormonally driven guy they frequently only need a power outlet should they don’t need self-destruct.” (Single, 24 a very long time).

Equal boy furthermore asserted that public touching more homosexual couples have brought him should be expected a non-monogamous commitment, though he fought against this requirement.

“Most folks in interaction I’m sure having went on include available very though I dont think it’s great, i know that whenever I want a lasting relationship, there’s a high probability that’s the secret to accomplishment.”

On the contrary, other people aspired to non-monogamy. They could idealise older couples whose associations were secure, winning and available:

“They’re deeply crazy and they’ve got real estate together. And they’re in an absolutely open romance… That’s anything i would really like nicely. It’d end up being great to access that point quickly enough where insecurities went while don’t be distressed about who’s resting with that, so long as you really like someone you’re heading room to… If [partner] so I accomplish continue to be collectively long-lasting, that’s just where I discover our personal partnership going.” (Coupled, 28 a long time).